Nov 19

Parma – Lazio: match preview

So, following an impressive win over a difficult oponent such is Napoli, Lazio travels to Parma to host the club w ith the same name at Stadio Tardini.

Playing Parma away has a particular significane. Why would that be? Because Parma away match was Edy Reja`s first one at the helm of Lazio. When he took over Lazio last February, we were 3rd team from the bottom. Today, we are second from the top, and Reja deserves most of the credits for that. Lazio beat Parma on that occasion 0-2, with goals by Stendardo and Zarate in the second half!

Regarding line ups, one thing is for sure: Stefan Radu is not going to make it. He picked up an injury during Napoli match and even though latest reports indicate it has improved, I don`t think Reja will risk him. This innevitable leads to another moment Laziali were waiting since August: to see new acquisition Garrido start a match and see how much is he worth.

In midfield, Brocchi has totally recovered from muscles problem which forces him to leave Napoli match in the first half and expect Reja to field him from the start. Ledesma and Mauri returned from Italian NT duties and are candidates to start the match, even though I would favor Matuzalem to start this one, as he had a decent performance vs. Napoli.

Up front, Hernanes, Floccari and Zarate have their places guaranteed and we expect them to score and continue their good form.

One thing to note is that Parma has recorded 2 wins from as many matches (Samp and Bari) which saved their coach Pasquale Marino job! Another fact is that Parma has not beaten Lazio at Tardini since 2004 and we can only hope this tradiction continues!


  1. Sean

    Yes, it will be good to see Garrido play a full match from the start. I am also curious to see what he can do. He was asking for more playing time recently, and now he will get it.

    Likewise, I hope that Matuzalem will get some time as well. He played very well against Napoli, and I think he can be effective against Parma too.

    One note about our opponents, they are likely to have Crespo playing up top, which always brings mixed emotions. I still admire Crespo, and always wish him well. He is a fantastic player, and I will never forget what he did for Lazio back in the day. It is difficult to see Lazio play against him now.

    Likewise, I also really admive Giovinco as a player. He is probably their biggest threat to Lazio, and to be honest I would love to see him come and play for Lazio some time in the future.

  2. admin

    Crespo will always remain one of my all time favorite Lazio players. Too bad he and Nesta had to leave to save the club from bankruptcy!

    Giovinco is indeed good, but our defense has been extraordinary so far! He will be the main threat.

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