Nov 02

Palermo – Lazio, player ratings and highlits

Muslera – 8: A brilliant display, in particular by the end. Two or three amazing saves by Nando;

Lichsteiner – 6: Expected more from him; Balzaretti gave him some tough time.

Diaz – 8: Scored the winner and had a brilliant match defensively.

Biava – 6.5: Not his best match for Lazio. He should have got more  help by other midfielders on the occasion of his second booking. We`ll miss him for the derby.

Radu – 7: Cassani had nothing to do against Stefan. Splendid display by him. Bravo.

Brocchi 7: A lot of running and pressure on Pastore and Ilicis. Tactically perfect match for him.

Ledesma – 7,5: Perfect match for Cris, considering the oponent.

Mauri – 6,5: Maybe deserved a higher mark, but he missed that sitter that would have killed the match.

Hernanes – 6,5: Not his best match with us, but like Brocchi, had to do a lot more defensively.

Zarate – 7: An amazing all around performance by Maurito.

Floccari – 7: Sergio had a decent match overall.

Subs: Stendardo – 7: Managed to cope with a raid of Palermo players. good in the air and his appearance alone in the box suffices.

Scaloni and Gonzales: no vote.



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  1. BigMamaEagle

    very different than last year when players regularly rated 5’s.

  2. admin

    Indeed, players are very united this season and help each other be that in defense or when moving forward.

    I pray this continues to go on.

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  4. duke

    pa jesi li to ti prijatelju?

    1. admin

      Da, da, ja sam. Pa gdje si bre ti?

  5. duke

    svugdje pomalo…

    Radim dosta,nisam baš bio prisutan previše na netu i nisam mogao gledati utakmice.Sad kad je došla arenasport u Hrvatsku mogu gledati Lazio svako kolo i uživam ove sezone u rezultatima.Gdje ste na forumu? LS,MD,AB..jesu živi stari drugovi? Kako si ti?

  6. admin

    Ovde smo svi majstore: Dorbo dosao:

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