Nov 30

Media Roundup

Once again we bring you a brief summary of Lazio’s national media coverage during the weekend.  And once again we lament the lack of coverage on the major Italian football talk shows.  Domenica Sportiva (RAI) dedicated all of about 2 minutes to Lazio.  Those two minutes were generally positive, for a change, with the consensus being that Lazio thoroughly deserved to win, and that Zarate nearly scored a brilliant goal.  The frustrating thing was that some of the commentators wanted to continue discussing Lazio, but they cut to a commercial and that was that.

However underwhelming 2 minutes might sound, it seems fantastic compared to complete lack of attention paid to Lazio by Contro Campo (Mediaset).  It’s true that this show is generally oriented towards the teams from Northern Italy, but it is absolutely inexcusable to ignore a team that lead the championship for a while, and has been in a solid second place even longer.  The highlights from the Lazio match were mixed in with a few other matches (the top teams usually have their highlights shown individually, to allow time for discussion), and immediately after the conversation went straight to Napoli.  Paolo Di Canio was on the panel, but he simply wasn’t given the opportunity to change the subject to Lazio.  

Alas, as usual, our recompense comes in the form of Lazialita in TV.  The penalty against Hernanes was mentioned in the first few minutes of the show, and later on everyone was in agreement that it was clearly a foul.  Nobody was crying or screaming about it, or threatening to protest, as we have come to expect from representatives of Roma and Juventus, they were merely recognizing the latest in a long string of refereeing mistakes that has gone against Lazio. 

The other big topic was Lazio’s currently formation, and what, if anything, should be done to change it.  There was general agreement that some help should be sought out in the January Mercato, but everyone was more focused on the best way to use the current roster.  Here opinions differed greatly, with ideas ranging from the insertion of Kozak, to leaving things exactly as they are seeing as Zarate is coming into form.  Of course there is no correct solution, and it is obvious to all that the upcoming matches against Inter and Juve will be what matters most.  If it makes anyone feel better, the average expectation from the show’s guests was for 4 points from these two games.  Not bad!


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    Thanks for another presentation of the facts we already know, but which need concrete evidence, and you are providing that Sean. It is incredible how Lazio has been ignored this season, despite a good form and interesting players.
    I can`t believe the blindness of the Italian media.

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