Nov 26

Lazio Style Issue N.1 Reviewed

The first ever issue of Lazio Style 1900 (Official Magazine) hit newsstands yesterday, and now we are proud to bring you a world exclusive (as far as I know) English language review of the new publication:

The Look

Overall the magazine is quite pleasing aesthetically.  It is standard size, glossy, and very, very blue.  Or Celeste to be more precise.  There is not even the slightest hint of the colors red and yellow anywhere in the magazine, with the sole exception of a full page ad from the 06 Cafe, which sticks out like the sorest of thumbs (hint, hint).  It is well laid out, and graphically very good, if not quite groundbreaking.

This first edition is brimming with photographs, most of them very high quality, which really augment the reading experience.  Especially interesting were the ‘behind the scenes’ shots from: Lazio’s summer training retreat, a special team lunch, the Formello training facility, and some of their travels to away matches.  Of course the magazine would not be complete without a pull-out team poster, which is always well received.

The Content

Dominating the front cover is the face of Claudio Lotitio, with the words “I’m guilty” superimposed in large letters.  An interesting choice, to say the least.  Any inclination to comment on Lotito’s ego, for choosing to put himself on the cover of the first issue, is mitigated by accompanying caption.  Yes, he is taking the spotlight, but he is using it to draw attention to his own mistakes… Or so it seems.

A few pages in, the “Editoriale Del Presidente” picks up where the cover left off, with Lotitio proceeding to outline exactly what he is “guilty of”.  But it’s hardly a list of humble self recriminations.  Rather it’s the classic, ‘I’m so good that I’m bad’ type of admission, where the club President tell readers that his so-called mistakes include doing too good a job of saving the club, having too ambitious a long term vision for the entire organization, being too modern and forward thinking for Italian football, and sacrificing so much of his time and energy for the club. 

Whether or not Lotito’s opinions have any merit is a discussion for another day, but suffice to say it is certainly the most interesting and controversial aspect of this first issue.  The rest of the publication is standard “Official Team Magazine” fare: numerous interviews with players and staff, match recaps, updates on the youth squads, and historical highlights. 

The feature article on Oympia and her trainers stands out, as do the interviews with Reja, Hernanes, Zarate and Lazio legend Beppe Signori.  There we learn that Reja gives his players a fair amount of space just before a match, letting them each prepare in their own way, and only intervening when he things one of them needs extra support or motivation.  We find out that Hernanes got his nickname, the Prophet (il Profeta), because he often made references to the bible when interviewed about San Paolo matches.  Zarate tells us that he is interested in playing for the Argentinean national team, not the Italian one, and that he gets emotional when he hears the fans singing his song at the stadium.  And finally it is revealed that Singori would like to be a coach someday, and maybe return to Lazio when he has acquired the necessary experience in that role. 

Overall I would consider it a solid debut for Lazio’s new official magazine.  It’s well made, pleasing to look at, and interesting as well.  Hopefully it will maintain this level of content and quality in forthcoming issues, and solidify itself as a regular purchase for all Laziale.  The team already enjoys one great publication, the famous Lazialità, and there is no reason why a club it its caliber cannot have two excellent magazines completely dedicated to it.


  1. BigMamaEagle

    thanks Amir. Is there any way to get more detail about what was said about Olympia?

    1. admin

      Hi Mama! I guess we have to ask for Sean, our new contributor from Rome, who was kind enough to review the magazine for us!
      Excellent job Sean, those of us who are unable to purchase the magazine now have a better view of it`s content!

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