Nov 15

Lazio – Napoli: highlights and ratings

Muslera: 7 – overall a good performance, save for an indecision which gifted Cavani a surprising chance to score.

Lichsteiner: 7.5 – Proved that he is one of the to-3 right backs in Serie A this season.

Diaz: 7.5 – Lazio`s insurance policy in defense.

Biava: 7.5 – The most pleasant surprise this season. Continues to impress!

Radu: 7.5 – Splendid performance by Stefan.

Brocchi 7: (Matuzalem: 7) – Brocchi had to leave before half time. Matu made sure his presence was not felt.

Ledesma: 7 – Good tactical match, but in few occasions could have caused goals by Napoli.

Hernanes: 7 – Good performance by the Brazilian. It is obvious though that he can`t handle a 90 minutes match.

Mauri: 7,5 – Another deadly assist to his team mates.

Zarate:8,5 – I criticized Reja for giving Mauro another start. But he proved me and everyone wrong. Hopefully he picks up another such performance.

Floccari:8 – Brilliant, just brilliant display by former Genoa striker. He is vital for this team.



  1. BigMamaEagle

    Why couldn’t we win against Roma? Why why?

    1. admin

      Don`t remind me of that match please! I already suffered enough.

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