Nov 27

Lazio – Catania: preview


A surprisingly on-form Catania is Lazio`s next opponent in Serie A. On paper, it is one perfectly beatable opponent but so it could have seem last season as well, when Catania beat at at Olimpico 0-1. But this season things are quite different.

Despite the quality of the roster and home ground, Lazio might have another favor on it`s side: in midweek Reja rested the usual starting 11 which Catania`s talented coach could not afford. This means our players are more fresh entering this match which is good.

If the team put a performance like against Napoli, then I don`t foresee troubles; but Catania is a different opponent and I expect Gianpaolo to play some 7-8 players behind the ball and take chances in eventual counter-attack. Such teams are always dangerous. Reja must instruct his players to construct patiently their usual game!

As far as formation is concerned, Reja is not facing injuries so today reports suggest that the only uncertainty remains over who will partner Ledesma in midfield: Matuzalem or Brocchi.

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