Nov 29

Lazio – Catania, highlights and ratings

Muslera -7,5 :  He saved the match in the last minute of the injury time when Catania could have punished us. Also, inthe first half he had 2-3 splendid saves.

Lichtsteiner-7: Very active from the right throughout the match. Positive overall.

Dias – 7: Another excellent performance by Andre.

Biava -6: Failed to stop the header from Silvestre when Catania scored. Also, had a somewhat shaky performance.

Radu -6,5: Positive performance overall by Stefan.

Brocchi -6,5: Active as usual all around. A lot of running in difficult pitch conditions.

Ledesma -7: Probably one of his best outings this season. He was subbed in the second half.

Mauri -5,5: A no-day for Stefano. Lost his freshness from the first 2 months of the season. Needs to rest a match or two.

Hernanes -7,5: An amazing effort on the occasion of the goal. Too much to handle for Catania players throughout the match. Splendid performance and wonderful goal.

Floccari -6: Good in the first half, quite lost in the second.

Zarate -6,5: Overall a satisfying performance by Mauro. Shared the ball more and earlier than his usual. Good efforts once or twice.

Subs: Matuzalem and Foggia 6 – failed to have a signigicant impact. Rocchi – no vote.


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