Nov 25

Lazio 3- 0Albinoleffe [Coppa Italia]

The match ended 3:0 for Lazio. Goals scored by Garrido, Stendardo and Del Nero!

So, tonight we play the round of last 16 in Coppa Italia. The draw set that we play Albinoleffe, a team from the Italian Serie B, that is not doing that well in all honesty. About this team, we possess little information over their true value, but since they are struggling in Serie B, it is easy to say that they are a perfectly beatable team, in particular when we consider one thing:  if we pass this round, we are automatically setting up a derby with Roma! Yes, the fans will have the chance to attend and the rest of us be in spirit at Stadio Olimpico.

Ex expected, Mister Reja will opt for another massive turn-over of players from those usual starters. Media report that Lazio may play with the following 11:

Berni; Scaloni – Diakite – Stendardo – Garrido; Gonzales – Ledesma – Bresciano ; Foggia – Rocchi and Kozak

So, this is another chance for the likes of Garrido, Gonzales, Bresciano and Kozak to show us their real value. We all hope for a win, if nothing else, than to live the through the fevers of another derby.

Andiamo ragazzi!


  1. Sean

    Pretty nice goal from Garrido. A better keeper might have saved it, but it was a good free-kick none the less. Nice to see Stendardo scoring, with a nice decision by Diakite to leave the ball for him.

    Kozak has been a bit disappointing so far… he could have had a couple of goals.

    1. admin

      I was unable to watch this one unfortunately, but the main thing is that, as expected, we passed this round and set up a derby!

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