Oct 25

Lazio – Cagliari 2-1; match report

First half

The match started with a fierce shot by Zarate on 47 seconds. This was an announcement that Lazio will contonue with good football and will not let 3 points slip. After that, Reja`s boys cotinued maintaining ball possession and carefully buidling chances that will ultimately lead to 1-0. Before that, Cagliari had 2 good chances with Matri (an excellent player by the way) but Muslera was at his best. And, on 21 minutes, a free kick was awarded to which Hernanes took but only managed to hit the last man of Cagliari`s defense; ball reached Mauri who only made a slight touch to Floccari who was in a excellent position to shoot; He did just that and ball finished in Cagliari`s net. 1-0 and finally we manage to score in the first half! Hahaha, quite unusual for our team this season. After that, Mauri serves a mid-range ball to Zarate who was running towards the box but just missed the ball that would put him alone with Cagliari keeper. Nevertheless, he was held by a Cagliari defender just enough to make him miss that ball.

Second half

…continued where our team left; with carefull but well planned attacks on Cagliari`s goal.  A 1-0 lead in never certain and the boys knew that. In order to have a more relaxed second half, the team needed to score another one. And they did not disspoint: Radu finds Mauri who was few meters from oposition box, Mauri has 2 options, pass to Hernanes in central position who was closer but also close to 2 Cagliari defenders or pass to Floccari on the left who had more time to think what to do next: he chose the second option. Floccari returns the ball to Mauri who was in a run towards the goal and after a deflection by Cagliari defender, the ball ends in the net and 2-0 for us. Delirium. The team is playing great. Now Cagliari would bring everything they got on Lazio and it will be even easier to increase the lead. So I though but I was wrong on this one; What occured – as usual the team was doing pretty well in defense but following a random action by Cagliari player, Radu intercepts the ball and intead of making a cleareance, he dribbles a player and instead of passing to Brocchi, he find Cossu who immediately crosses and Matri puts the ball behind Muslera`s back. Radu could not hide his dissapointment for his action. But it was too late and the comfortable lead was so suddently in danger. Cagliari kept coming forward and had excellent chance to equalize in 2 occasions, but first Matri headed just wide and secondly Muslera made a fantastic save. Rocchi who entered for Zarate later on had a sitter to make it 3-1 but missed from a close range.


Cagliari gave Lazio the toughest test so far. In the second half they applied a total attacking football which at times our team could not handle well. Luck was on our side this time. Radu was excellent all season long and one of the stable players in the team, but this match showed clearly how a simply misktae could change the progress of the match and seriously jeopardize 3 points.

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