Oct 03

Lazio – Brescia: 1-0 – match report

First half

At the very beginning, we could note that Brescia is a very organized side and the 9 points it has collected before entering this match, it was not by surprise. Reja fielded the same backline while Ledesma returned to his natural position instead of Matuzalem. Forward, there was again room for Zarate, accompanied by Floccari and Hernanes just behind them.

In genera, it was quite a positive 45 minutes. Our players attacked from all sides unleashing several dangerous shots towards Sereni`s goal. Worth noting are 3 however: one by Hernanes, who seems to by unlucky to score from open play; then a marvelous free kick by Zarate and the best chance was that of Floccari was missed from really close range in an empty net. In fact his shot was blocked by a Brescia player in the last moment.

And at the moment when all of us were thinking of what will Reja do in the second half, here comes a masterful work by Hernanes, who passed by 3 Brescia players and served Mauri who was running into the box in his usual style who lunched a left shot which ended behind Sereni`s back. It is interesting that Hernanes and Mauri were by that minutes probably our two weakest players on the field thus far. What a relief for all Lazio fans.

Second half

Second half was much different. Brescia entered into a much more attacking mood and started to apply more pressure on our backline. One such occasion (which at the same time was their best chance) came when a long ball was launched towards Eder. Dias was somewhat clumsy to intercept it and fell slightly behind, which left Eder on a position to launch a fearce shot towards our goal – he did just that but Muslera, who otherwise had a quite afternoon – made his best save of this season to keep a clean sheet. By mid second half, Diamanti received his second yellow and than everything was easier for us. The team closed the match down and worth noting are 2 shots by Bresciano (who earlier substituted Hernanes) that were saved by Sereni!

All in all, another positive performance from our guys and following Inter`s home draw vs Juve last night, leaves us alone at the top of the standing with 13 points.


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    I’m feeling optimistic!

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