Oct 15

Back to business

Thank God it`s Friday: 1. Because its the last working day for me in this quite a busy week; and most importantly 2. Lazio turns to actions after two weeks of no-football. I really look forward to this Serie A week and many things will get cleared.

So, while those players who were with their national sides played a match or two (some important qualifications and some friendlies like Uruguay) the rest of the team kept working under the instructions of Mister Edy Reja! Reports say that all players returned from international duty are in good physical condition save for youngster Cavanda who picked up a muscle injury while playing for Belgium U21. Hope he recovers soon enough as he has become a legitimate candidate for the right back position.

On the other news, worth noting is that Lazio shares have raised drastically in the Italian stock exchange market. There are no clear indication what may have caused it, because I find it strange that after only 6 match days the value of our shares would go up by massive 141% !? We should only hope for the better and clarifications over the matter appear sooner rather than later. We must deserve what is really going on.

On the injuries front, it appears Matuzalem is back from the slight injury and also our very own Mourad Meghni is back to Rome earlier than anticipated after having gone through a long post-operation rehabilitation. Truth to be told, I really don`t see any space for him in our current midfield but lat us leave that to Edy Reja. It will take some more time until he is fully fit for action though.

So, tomorrow I return with a Bari-Lazio match preview and hopefully more writing next week!

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  1. ?winouj?cie

    Keep on blogging! its getting through the tough times that make you stronger and then the good times will follow, keep working about your experiences and we should all pull together.

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