Oct 02

An uneventful week

My apologies for not writing anything this week, but I wanted to take a break from writing because everything I would have written would have been praise for our team and players and I was afraid I would jinx them!

All in all, like the title says, this was quite an uneventful week for us, Lazio fans. Our beloved team continued daily training sessions at Formello in preparation for the third home match this season, vs newly promoted Brescia!

On the player`s front, it appears Matuzalem has a slight minor muscle injury and will most probably will not be risked which means Cris Ledesma will retake his position as regista. More on this tomorrow or today afternoon when I do a match preview.

There has been calls for Prandelli to take into consideration 3 Lazio players for an Italian NT call up. Ledesma, Mauri and Floccari all deserve to be called as they have shown a consistent form this season. Last time a Lazio player was called for Italian NT is June 2009 when Foggia scored against Ireland. He was later omitted from Lippi.

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