Sep 01

Summer mercato – conclusions

Yesterday at 7PM was the deadline for transfer window that as usual, in our eyes as fans lasts for far too long.
The expected arrival of Roque Santa Cruz failed, despite the deal being struck several days and the player was expected in Rome in Sunday and then Monday.
Today`s newspapers indicate that 2 scenarios as to the failure of the deal:
– After shipping Robinho, Man City changed their mind and no longer wanted to let go of the player; and
– The agreement over the details of the payment of player`s salary could not be found.
Tare has apparently been on the phone up to 5.30 to try to figure out a deal, but to no avail.
I guess the real reasons will be told by the player himself, his agent or Tare/Lotito one day.

On the other note, what Tare did manage to do is to offload Emilson Cribari to Napoli for half a million Euros and that was an excellent move as it was obvious that Crib was out of favor.

A surprising revelation arrived today regarding Pablo Pintos: in fact he did not go on loan to Getafe, but the deal is permanent and he signed a 5 years contract with the Spanish team. Apparently he never managed to convince Edy Reja nor the management that he is worth taking an EU spot next summer and with a possible emergence of Cavanda, that was the best option for all.

All in all, we managed to sign 4 players this summer and offload 14, which is a great achievement.


1. Gonzales (Nazional Montevideo), obtained an Italian passport
2. Mark Bresciano (Palermo) free transfer
3. Garrido (Man City – just under 3 mil Euros)
4. Hernanes (Sao Paolo – 13,5 mil Euros)


1. Simone Inzaghi; (youth team coach)
2. Julio Ricardo Cruz; (mutual contract termination)
3. Sebastiano Siviglia (end of contract)
4. Roberto Baronio; (end of contract)
5. Thomas Hitzlsperger (West Ham)
6. Eliseu; (Malaga) permanent
7. Makinwa: (Larissa) on loan
8. Carrizo: (River Plate) on loan
9. Faraoni (Inter)
10. Kolarov (Man City)
11. Dabo (quit football)
12. Zauri (Samp) on loan;[Samp has the right to buy him perm]
13. Pintos (Getafe) permanent;
14. Cribari (Napoli) permanent.

Of course, the team still has some dead wood, namely Bonetto, Quadri, Correa, Manfredini, Perpetuini and to some extent Scaloni, but some of them run out of contract next year so I guess we have to cope with them for a while.

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