Sep 15

Post Lazio – Bologna

First of all, forgive me for not updating this blog for several days, but that happened due to some hollidays over here which required my attention.

The most important thing is that we managed to beat Bologna by 3 goals to 1. This is how I saw this match:
First half

It was clear that Bologna came to defend and they did that pretty well. Lazio players tried in all ways, but could not create a single goal scoring chance, save from some sporadic shots from Ledesma, Hernanes and Zarate, who once again had an awful match. It was clear that more movements were needed if Bologna midfield and defense were to be brough more towards the midlle of the field and than hit them more quickly (which exactly happened in the second half). Little was to be done and we were all nervous because Bologna frustrating our players.

Second half

Reja made a smart choice in substituting Zarate and inserting young Kozak, who did a good job by distracting Bologna defenders. Lazio had the initiative again and looked more determined to score! What I hoped in the first half happened in the second though – probably Bologna players thought that they had a chance to score if they move a bit more forward – but that proved to be fatal for them. Brocchi took the ball in the middle and ran some 35 meters towards the goal than passed the ball to Rocchi who beat the offside trap. The latter than smartly put the ball to Mauri who was following the action like best strikers do and had an easy job to convert it into a goal. 1-0 and we are all relieved. I was praying for the final whislte ever since (hah too early though).

The second goal was the oposite:  it was Mauri now who brilliantly found Rocchi and the latter (somewhat similar to the goal he scored against Inter last season in Super Cupa) lobbed Viviano and it was 2-0.  We though that the match had ended. But our own Gaby Mudingayi fired a massive volley with his left foot to keep the drama alive and make us pray for the final whistle. However, the ref awarded us a questionable penalty by the end of the match which Hernanes calmly transformed it into a goal which sealed the final 3-1! A deserved win for us really – no question about it.

To follow: Player ratings and video highlights!

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