Sep 23

Lazio vs. Milan, report

Hey, we managed to grab a draw vs. Milan! Of course I`m happy, in particular after Ibra scored that lucky goal. I though it was going to be just another Lazio vs Milan, when easier like with a Serie C team, rossoneri would come to Olimpico, grab the three points and return home.

First Half

A quite unpleasant one in fact. Cavanda started the match and had horrible first 10 minutes, doing everything wrong. But I cannot blame him, he is just too young and his first start in Serie A gets him to defend none else than Ronaldinho! We managed to get into the match only after 12-13 minutes or so when we started pressing Pirlo and Seedorf! No serious chances in the first half, excluding a nice save from Muslera when Ibra threatened our goal from a close range. Mauri had a nice shot which could have easily be a goal but it was directly at Abbiati. The last ten minutes of the first half ended in our domination, but Milan have some excellent players in Nesta and Thiago Silva, and also Abate who was excellent last night!

Second Half

Again started with Milan dominating for the opening 10 minutes. Lazio then managed to balance the match, though it could be seen than Stefano Mauri was too tired to cope with a very much in-form Abate. And when the match began to become little boring, here comes Zlatan, who beats the offside trap and luckily enough beats first Muslera and then both Diaz and Biava to somehow put the ball in the net. 0-1. Totally unexpectedly but that is a big team right, they strike when you were least expecting it. I though what the heck, will this be just another ordinary Lazio – Milan affair ?
But our guys proved me wrong and I am bloody happy about it! Now let me tell you something – in case you did not watch the match, Hernanes was simply huge. He had absolute control of the ball and as soon as he received it, he was surrounded by 3 Milan players. And even in such occasions, he would not lose the ball!

And it was exactly the Brasilian, 15 minutes after Milan got the lead that penetrated from the left and put the ball inside the box, Floccari was there to finish in an amazing fashion and here what a joy! 1-1 and psychological advantage on our side. Rocchi and Zarate replaced Foggia and Mauri respectively and we could have won the match had Rocchi was more lucky and had a powerful Zarate shot passed Milan defense. Zambrota had an amazing shot by the end of the match which hit the crossbar!!! That was lucky for us.

All in all, a deserved draw for us and an important point against a terribly difficult team to play!

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