Sep 23

Lazio vs. Milan – ratings and highlights

MUSLERA 6 – A good save in the first half. Could have done better when Ibra scored though.

CAVANDA 6.5  – Horrible in the first 10 minutes. Afterwards, brilliant!

DIAS 6.5.  – Another solid and steady performance.

BIAVA 6.5. – Very confident performance once again. Unlike Diaz, he chases strikers quite deep in midfield.

RADU 6.5 – Probably his best performance. Blocked a dangerous shot by Boateng which could have been a goal.

LEDESMA 6.5 – A lot of running there by Cris and constantly under pressure by Gatusso on the ball. Expected more in terms of ball distribution, but considering the oponent, he did quite OK.

BROCCHI 6.5 This guy never stops running and again proved that tactically he is a must for our team.

FOGGIA 6 – First start of the season for the former Milan player, but not his best. Maybe he had clear instructions from Reja, but he did not suit this Lazio side. We need him in a more free role up front.

MAURI 6-   He was our best player in the last 2 matches and that could be felt. A bit tired I` d say and he derserves a rest vs. Chievo.

HERNANES 7.5 – Against the toughest opononest, he makes an absolutely fanstic display. Shots, ball distribution andjust like vs. Fiorentina, vital on the occasion of our goal. MAN OF THE MATCH.

FLOCCARI 7 – Not his best match, but he felt isolated upfront. Did little, but the goal he scored is absolutely brilliant. We need his goals if he wanna dream


ROCCHI 6.5 – Did not play much, but ran a lot and made pressure to Milan defenders to release the ball earlier. His entrance made Floccari player wider on the left.



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