Sep 22

Lazio – Milan: preview

All right, this is the first mid-week matchday in Serie A, and what tougher oponent we might add than AC MILAN. You already know that we usually do quite bad versus rossoneri and the latter team somehow manages to return home with 3 points. This is why Lazio fans look least forward to this match during the entire Serie A season.
However, could tonight be the moment when our luck against rossoneri takes a positive turn and we somehow manage to clinch a win and continue the positive form we have been enjoying this season ?
Could tonight be the night when the almighty Milan return home empdy handed ? We all hope so and we shall cheer for our team from our homes or wherever we will be watching the match! One thing is for though, this team can do it, just enter the field like with any other team we have played and concentrate on developing or own game, rather than adjust to our oponent.

With regards to the starting 11 – latest reports from Formello indicate that Reja will give a start to youngster Cavanda. In midfield Pasquale Foggia instead of Bresciano and Brocchi instead of Matuzalem that would finalle be something like this 4-4-1-1 or 4-2-3-1 (who knows what Edy Reja is thinking actually)

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