Sep 16

Lazio – Bologna, highlights and player ratings

Muslera 6 – overall a solid match. Nothing to be done at Mudingayi`s goal

Lichtsteiner 6 – solid as well. Active on the right flank, but poor at crosses.

Diaz 6 – another decent appearance by the Brazilian. Not that busy against defensive minded Bologna

Biava 6 – see above

Radu 5,5 – insecure in one occasion that could have seen Di Vaio score in the second half and totally change the progress of the match

Brocchi 7 – man of the match together with Mauri and Rocchi. His penetration in the first goal was huge. Detrimental

Ledesma 6 – another so and so performance by Cris. Expected more from him.

Mauri 7,5 – scored and made an assist for Rochi. Brilliant performance by Stefano

Hernanes 6,5 – scored from the penalty. Good at ball handling, but keeps it too much. Must learn to deliver the ball quicker for others.

Zarate 5 – another dissapointing performance by our mos paid player.

Rocchi 7,5 – lovely assist and a masterful second goal. We need this dude so much.

Subs:  Kozak: 6.5; Foggia and Bresciano no marks as they played short

Edy Reja 6.5


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