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Igli Tare – interview

Today I am translating an interview of our Sporting Director, Igli Tare, found at lalaziosiamonoi.it.
It is worth reading I“d say!

“I chose Lazio because it was the team that asked for me more then the others. And I was convinced by Tare`s words”. First days of August and Hernanes was explaining his transfer to Lazio.

After a month has passed, Tare recalls with pride this operation.

Director, which were the famous words ?

“I was simply very clear. I made him understand how much he was valued from the president and the coach. It was not a simple operation, but he was struck by our determination”.

What can Hernanes give this team?
“So much. He has the means to become the surprise of the season. But I was especially struck by his humility. He is a true professional who will give a lot from also the human point of view. ”

Will the environment be difficult?
“It will take time, because the Italian and Brazilian football are different. I know well how difficult it is to move from one competition to another, as I pasted it The important thing is not loading the boy too much pressure, he is a human too”

Satisfied with mercato?
“Moreover, I am proud. We have taken important players capable of adding values. We deptarted from the critical point of last season and have built a quality roster that can play in many different ways now. ”

A striker has not arrived though ?
“We know that we miss a player with those features, but considering that we do not play in the European Cup and given the explosion of Kozak we preferred to wait. In January we will see if it is appropriate to make an acquisition”

Santa Cruz?
“Eventually him too. The same goes for the defense. We will speak, but I hope there will not be a need”,

There are some concerns over Garrido?
“I do not cast any doubts about the value of the player. But he will have to leave behin muscle problems which from which he suffered in recent seasons in England. This week he will return to train with his companions”

Could more have been done in the outgoind mercato?
“We did everything to please some players. They almost always refused and have not been positive. They will still receive the best treatment and in January we will try to accommodate them. ”

But certain situations could be resolved earlier ?
“When I arrived there were 57 players in the roster. We managed to accomodate 24th, which is one whole team. Sure, you can always do better. ”

Were you expecting difficulties of last year?
“Yes, I confided to my staff after winning the Super Cup. Beyond the cases Ledesma and Pandev we had a long series of injuries, Brocchi, Dabo and Matuzalem, playing on three fronts that we have damaged. But the real values of Lazio are those that we have seen since February. ”

What did Ballardini do wrong?
“He is a great coach, but perhaps he could not stand the pressure which a place like Rome inflicts.”

Back to the present. Will finally be the year of redemption for Zarate?
“They only speak abort him over alleged bad relationship with team coaches, but he is a serious boy with great human qualities. Must learn to be more useful to the team and become devastating. ”

On who would you bet this year?
“Matuzalem. When he is good he is another category, can do incredible things. This year he was finally able to train throughout the entire pre-season training without problems ”

Ultimately you would feel satisfied with what result?
“We have all means to reach the top six seven positions.

Is Lotito so difficult to work with?
“From the outside it may appear so, but then I can only be grateful. It is the ideal president for a coach, never questions technical issues. He is curious about everything but not intrusive. ”

Will you meet him solon for the renewal?
“When the time comes we will sit at the table and discuss. Relations between us are clear”

But you want to stay at Lazio?

“It’s an honor for me to work for this society. But in my life I started from scratch and I don`t have a particular fear some of becoming unemployed.


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  1. BigMamaEagle

    Thanks for translating! Interesting interview.

  2. admin

    You are most welcome and glad you like it!

  3. BigMamaEagle

    If I remember correctly, he was very nice to Alija when he went to the training ground.

  4. admin

    Yes, I guess so. I remember Alija in a picture with Tare, when the latter was a Lazio player.

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