Sep 24

Get to work Mr Reja

Just a quick post today. As you most probably know, we face Chievo Verona on Sunday, in our third away match of the season [one defeat vs Samp then a win vs. Fiorentina].

Chievo has started this season in an amazing form. Won 3 out of 4 matches and stand secon in the standing with 9 point, 2 more than Lazio.

So, what I want is that Edy Reja sits down with his technical team and watch all 4 Chievo matches of this season ana analyze their strenthgs and weakneses.

I mean, on paper we are the better team, but Chievo know to surprise us here and there and at this point and with this team, I would like a good prepared game. Chievo scored 8 goals so far, they managed to beat teams like Genoa and Samp away by similar 1-3 result and Catania in the first round 2-1. They lost at home to Brescia 0-1, which means they play better away!

So, I expect Edy Reja to take Chievo quite seriously and like I said above analyze their game with seriousness in order that we continue the string of positive results.

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