Sep 19

Fiorentina – Lazio: player ratings and highlights

MUSLERA 6.5 – Overall a positive performance by Nando.
LICHTSTEINER 6.5  – I would say his best match so far. Had a tough opponent in Vargas.
DIAS 6.5.  – Excellent performance by the Brazilian in particular when dealing with someone like like Gilardino.
BIAVA 6.5. – Very confident and secure. Excellent.
RADU 6. – Again nervous at times. Our only booked player last night.
LEDESMA 6.5 – He made an unnecesary foul on Cerci which the ref sanctioned with a penalty. Otherwise, he equalized and distributed the ball fantastically.
MATUZALEM 6.5 – A lot of movement. Anonymous in the first half, better in the second.
BRESCIANO 6.0 –   Had 2 great chances to equalize but shot the birds instead. Could do better.
HERNANES 7. – Probably played in a role he does not appriciate. Again he does a good job by dribbling and firing some nice shots. Another likeble performance by the Brazilian.
ROCCHI 6.5 – Quite isolated up front. Nevertheless, a positive performance by the captain.
BROCCHI 6.5 This guy is essential to this team. He provides something that other midfielders can`t.
KOZAK 7 He has become our true jolly. He scored the winner and what more is there to day – Bravo Libor.
GONZALEZ No vote – player several minutes only.


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