Sep 19

Fiorentina – Lazio, match report

We started the match with the formation that I though we would not. I really don`t know why sometimes Edy Reja shows absolute lack of knowledge with respect to some Lazio players and the team in general. This team I was furious with 2 things: 1. Mauri playing on the right, when we all know he never played there, and 2. Why not put a defensive midfielder from the beginning ! ?

First half

Never mind – the match itself was quite poor until the moment when the penalty was awarded against us. It was a soft one; it was strange how the ref fell for it actually. But unlike other times when I get pissed off when a penalty is given against us (See Samp match for instance) this time I was quite relaxed and I knew that this would serve as a trigger to wake our players up. And so it happened, Fiorentina score (Ljajic 1-0) and suddenly Lazio match improved. As usual, everything starts from Ledesma who delivers the ball and then Lichsteiner from the right, Hernanes from the center and Bresciano and Radu from the left try to move the ball closer to Frey`s goal. Worth noting that Bresciano had 2 excellent chances, but in particular his second shot could have been converted into a goal. The equalizer came after Mauri`s penetration from the left, who crossed and found Ledesma who had a clear shot which deflected Pasqual and finished behind Frey` s back. 1-1 and the team and fans are relieved.

Second half
Reja makes a good move and bring in Brocchi from Bresciano in a move to add more mobility and aggressiveness to our midfield as well as to help Lichtsteniner contain Vargas on the left. More importantly, that means that Mauri returned when he naturaly belong – to the advances midfielder on the left side.The move would ultimately pay off. We again had the ball possession but failed to convert it into a more dangerous play. Then a surprise move, Kozak enters for Tommaso Rocchi, which would prove a decisive match as the Czech would score our winner after a lovely combination agains from Mauri who took out De Silvestri, then found Hernanes who shot but Frey managed to somehow save but the ball reached Kozak who had an easy job to put the ball in the net. 1-2 and what a joy: for taking the lead and for youngster Kozak who scored his first Serie A goal in his career. The rest of the match was not that interesting but a nervous one for us, the fans, because we can`t wait for the final whistle and take a massive win @ Firenze.
Last sub was Gonzales for Mauri, though I would have preferred Foggia or Zarate at around 80th minute to: 1. Relieve a tired Mauri who again had a brilliant match; and 2. To keep the ball as much as possible in our possession.

Overall the match was fair from both sides and the referee was solid!

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