Sep 27

Chievo – Lazio, match report

First half

Reja started the match with Lichtensteiner back to starting spot; Matuzalem replacing Ledesma in the regista position and with 2 strikers, Zarate and Floccari.

Contrary to other matches so far when we start slowly, against Chievo the team took over the game from the start and slowly built the typical Lazio game, with Hernanes and Mauri as main enginges! Worth noting an excellent performance in the first haly by Floccari and Lichsteiner on the right side – they gave hell to Chievo defense.

Hernanes once again had his shot skim the left vertical bar of Sorentintos goal; then it was Zarate who blew 2 excellent chances to put us in front in the first half; but as Reja noticed, he apparently lacks self-confidence in front of the goal. All in all, an excellent first half, probably the best Lazio has played in these first 5 matches of Serie A season. Lazio should have been in front by at least 1 goal!

Second half

It appears Chievo coach has done a good job in the locker room and advised his players in the right way. Chievo started better, much better and our players could no longer play as freely as in the first half. Few chances were exchanged on both sides before Chievo having a good chance through Constant. But, just as Chievo fans started to get satisfied with their players, in the next action which was a brilliant counter attack, Mauri launched a long ball towards Zarate who was accompanied by two Chievo defenders, the ball went pretty deep towards the finish line but Zarate made a shot to the oposite corner of Sorentino and that was 0-1!

After this point, there is little to mention. Chievo tried to equalize, but our defense, supported in particular by Matuzalem and Brocchi were not in danger at any time and comfortably managed to close this match. What is more, on the 87th minute, Ledesma (who entered for Floccari earlier on) penetrated from the right and served Hernanes who had an easy job to score the goal, but failed to convert that extraordinary chance.

All in all, a massive win for us that put Lazio on top of the table along with Inter!

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