Aug 28

Sampdoria vs. Lazio – preview

[UPDATE 2] Short of any last minute surprises, Lazio team will tonight be fielded like this:

Football Fans Know Better

[UPDATE 1] After today`s training session, this is the list of players called up for the match against Sampdoria:
Goalkeepers: Muslera, Berni
Difendors: Radu, Stendardo, Andrè Dias, Diakitè, Cavanda, Biava, Lichsteiner.
Midfielders: Hernanes, Del Nero, Ledesma, Mauri, Brocchi, Matuzalem.
Forwards: Rocchi, Zarate, Floccari, Kozak, Foggia

And here we go, we are few hours away from the kick off of new Serie A season 2010/11!
All Lazio fans will agree with me that what we don`t want definitely this season is the repeat of the last one when we basically had to fight for survival until the penultimate day of the season.

That is past us now and we now anticipate and look forward to a totally different season from the last one.
An exciting transfer campaign that saw the arrival of Hernanes, Bresciano, Garrido and Gonzales and quite possible arrival of Roque Santa Cruz make us all more optimistic before the kick off.

And so after Sampdoria were tragically eliminated from Champions League group states at the hands of Werder Bremen, they are now a hurt animal and will come up with everything they got to prove the last season was not a coincidence and to forget that said defeat and elimination from CL group stages.

In terms of roster, Reja missed newcomers Bresciano and Garrido from most of this week due to a light injuries and they are doubtful for this season opened. Taking into consideration the training session from the entire week as well as friendly vs. Deportivo, I expect Reja to field the following team:

Biava – Dias – Radu
Lichtsteiner-Ledesma-Matuzalem-Del Nero
Zarate – Hernanes

I will update this post in case of new developments concerning the formation.

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