Aug 29

Sampdoria 2 – 0 Lazio: match report

The match at Marassi just ended.
Sampdoria won 2-0 with Cassano scoring from the penalty kick and Guberti who sent a loose ball in Lazio`s net.
An extensive match report tomorrow.

Sampdoria: Curci; Zauri, Gastaldello, Lucchini, Ziegler; Semioli (Mannini 92), Palombo, Dessena; Guberti (Koman 75); Pazzini, Cassano

Lazio: Muslera; Biava, Dias, Radu; Lichtsteiner (Rocchi 74), Ledesma, Matuzalem, Del Nero (Cavanda 57); Hernanes, Zarate (Foggia 69); Floccari

First half
Sampdoria starts better, but only after 6-7 minutes Lazio players assume control of the match and for 35 minutes dominate ball possession and chances. New comer Hernanes shows his intelligence by providing some nice balls in particular by often engaging Lichtsteiner on the right, but the latter than wastes most of the balls.
In this frame, our players had 3 chances all of which could have easily be concerted into goals:
First Zarate dribbles on the left and finds Ledesma who shots few inches from the right post of Curci, pretty close indeed.
Minutes after, it is Hernanes` chance to shoot. The ball goes the same way as the one shot by Ledesma.
Third chance came after a cross from the left side, Floccari heads it an excellent way by Curci somehow manages to defend it.
A pretty Lazio team in the first half with only a goal missing to crown the domination.

Second half
It begins with Lazio again fully dominating and attacking from both sides. This last for 5-6 minutes when the host team somehow gets back into the game. It is evident that they were better physically prepared as they started training earlier due to engagement in European competitions.
And then comes the moment that changed the match: after a cross from the right side, Lichtsteiner brings down Dessena and the referee awards penalty kick. One could argue that it was a clean duel in the air. Reja complains and gets sent off as a consequence. Cassano converts the goal.
And while Lazio players fail to find the lost ground, after another corner kick from the rights side, Muslera leaves the goal to clear the ball but only to give the ball to Guberti who lobs it through out entire defense and 2-0.
Lazio players were following that unable to press and endanger the lead of Sampdoria. Several substitutions were made but to no avail. Lazio goes down in the first outing of the season and loses but provides a fine display which is encouraging.

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