Aug 31

Player ratings

Having carefully watched the opening Lazio fixture, I rate as follows the players involved against Sampdoria:

Muslera: 5 – Brilliant until the moment of the second goal; However, can not deserve more as he was to blame for Sampdoria`s second goal;
Biava: 6,5 – The best of three defenders that night. Having to deal with a nasty Cassano all night long is not the easiest things to do. Often would chase Cassano until the middle of the park.
Dias: 6 – Overall a fine appearance by the Brazilian. Booked in the first half, which hampers his game during the rest of the match.
Radu: 5.5 – A pale display from the Romanian against Samp. Not fully fit to a full 90 minutes. We need his best again.
Lichtsteiner: 4.5 – Probably his poorest performance since his arrival to Lazio. Poor crosses, movement and most importantly, caused the penalty which changed the match and which could have been avoided easily.
Ledesma: 6 – Nothing special by Cris. Had a nice shot on goal in the first half and usual ball distribution but with no effect whatsoever.
Matuzalem: 6 – A lot of running and ground covering by Matu, but he failed to materialize his huge workload. No shots on goal, no penetrations in the box which characterize his game.
Del Nero: 6 – Good movements on the left and not bad at all at defending. However, we need more from him when in possession of the ball – perhaps a cross or two here and there and not immediately seek to find Zarate.
Hernanes: 6,5 – A decent match for Hernanes considering his debut in Serie A against a tough opponent like Samp. A nice shot in the first half that skimmed Curci`s goal. Nice passes and vision of the match.
Zarate: 6 – I expected more from Maurito, but he was under pressure each time he had the ball. No space to shoot and test Curci. Occasionally to selfish.
Floccari: 5.5 – Save for a fine header in the first half, Sergia was lost against Samp. He was slow and kind of tired in the season opener. We need much more from him.

Cavanda: 6.5 – what a prospect this guy is. He is the future of our right hand side. He is already fit to play and he should be Licht`s natural replacement and not Scaloni. He nearly scored after a massive shot from over 20 meters.
Foggia and Rocchi – not rated [they entered when everything was all over and Lazio had no physical fitness to overcome 2 goals deficit.

Edy Reja: 5 – He is not to blame that we lost but I give him this mark for 2 reasons: needless protest which sent him off and totally stupid substitutions. Why Cavanda for Del Nero ? When you are losing, you don`t take out someone like Zarate who can distract at all times opponent`s defense;

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  1. TESTA

    I agree with your ratings more or less!
    Fair evaluation of players against Sampdoria.

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