Aug 24

Ledesma finally extends!

The saga is finally over!
Cristinal Ledesma has signed a contract extension with Lazio until 2015!
He will be paid from 1.2 or 1.6 milion Euros per season (figures vary from one source to another and it is not clear yet of that amount includes bonuses or not).

If you are a Lazio fan or follow Serie A in general, you must know how vital Cris is for the Lazio team.
One of the reasons for last year`s poor season was his exclusion from the team since he failed to find a common ground with Lotito to a contract extension. His relations with the team management had deteriorated to the extent of the matter going to the court. Hope this is over now.
The news of the renewal came from his web site through a very short notice saying: “Few moments ago, Cristian signed the contract. A dream come true”

For a Lazio fan, one could not have wanted a better news to start this week.
Forza Cris – uno di noi

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