Jan 11

19 games – 0 positives

I don`t have to apologize I guess for not posting for soooo long. This season we suck. If you followed the team, you know what I mean. I came up with this piece while trying to summ up the first part of the season. Good read:

My naivity might have gone as much as hoping for a champions league spot, or making a semi final in Europe League.

However, that we would with 20 points in 19 games, has not even crossed my mind in my most dark and pessimistic thoughts.

We started the Serie A season with 2 undeserved wins, against sluggish (on paper at least) Atalanta and Chievo. The win in Verona was in particular points that we did not deserve.

Then came a match, which according to my opinion our best played this season, against a might Juve at Olimpico. We lost, but did not deserve. I guess we paid the luck we got a week earlier against Chievo.

Then came a period, one of the darkest in our history: 12 matches without winning. We lost to anyone we could, at home at away. We lost to teams we used to beat easily. Even when we drew, we did that by defending in 11. No creativity, no aggressiveness, no team spirit: nothing.

We, Lazio fans had to wait from 30 August 2009 until 13 December 2009 to cheer for a win. Our coach appears clueless. It is apparent that he is not at the level to coach a team like Lazio. Despite such results, his job was apparently never at risk, because our beloved President would claim that the problem is in our players heads, rather than on his chosen coach.

Formations used to shuffle from 4-3-1-2; 4-3-2-1 and end up with an ultra defensive 3-4-1-2, which in fact is a 5-4-1. It is touching to see players like Zarate and Rocchi return to defend, instead of playing to score.

It is true, we occasionally see this team is capable of reacting, showing some passion, but we all witness that under coach Ballardini, this team can not go far. His lack of courage is damaging this team beyond comprehension.

Without bringing a good central midfielder for the start to play alongside Matuzalem in whatever formation, we can hardly hope to pass on the left part of the standings.

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