Apr 24

What are we to feel this season ?

I am once again returning to write after a long long period of going dark.

Just after we started to win some matches after that misarable form, during which we lost 5 matches and equalized 1 (thus dropping even behind roma in the standings) and just when we were facing the weakest team in the league (Chievo), this Lazio team strikes again: they line up 3 more defeats, each more shocking than the other, showing a total lack of spirit and fight for the team.

A home defeat to Chievo Verona, and then 2 away ones at the hands of Catania first, and then Siena, made me feel sick and totally devestated. That was a period when this team should have pushed harder than ever, because we were approaching the CL threshhold so quickly. Then these three defeats ruined everything.

I have been receiving emails inquiring what happened to this blog and why are you not writing any more. But what was there to write about ? The team performances were disgusting. All Lazio forums I visit regularly went silent. Were remained speechless.

Now, despite the 3 recents wins, each more important pscycholigically than the other (first derby and Genoa away – WOW – and Juve for Coppa Italia), I am still confused as to what should I feel about this season. I mean this team has potential, but just when you think they are ready for the bigger step, they totally fail! Now, I am afraid of these team screwing up against Atalalta this Sunday, because it appears as soon as they start playing well, they suffer from too much self-belief. I hope I am wrong though and we win again. Forza LAZIO.

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