Mar 15

Guido De Angelis for Ugo Longo

Dear readers and Lazio fans, Guido de Angelis (in case yuo don`t know him), is editor in Chief of Lazialita and a huge Lazio fans. Yesterday I came across a letter of his dedicated to the late president Ugo Longo. I translated it in English as better I could (excuse me for any potential mistakes). I am bringing it here. The original text can be found here.

Good bye Ugo, my dear friend

Bye Ugo,

My old friend. I was aware that you were fighting with that enemy and for that reason you were isolated completely from the world of football that you loved so much.

We came to know each other through the radio, based on one of so many live afternoon  radio shows. I understood that you were an passionate listener of mine and you had, just like me, Lazio in your heart.

Cragnotti chose you to defend Lazio from thousands of problems that it faced. In all Lazio storms, you were our captain. You faced in first person all problems of the club but always maintained an optimism for all Lazio fans.

In the century story you will always have a place in the first line, because if Gegeral Vaccaro refused to merge Lazio with Roma, you saved basically Lazio from bankrupting.

I will miss you, we will miss you, because your smile stamped in your face is a picture I will carry with me forever.

You were one of the most loved presidents of the club, you were the one that brought the biggest number of yearly ticket subscribers in Lazio history and it is a pity that you finished your days without a place in the club. But this is not important; my self and all laziali will remember you every day, because your name will become an example of transmitting a healthily, genuine and romantic lazialita, which accompanied you for all your life. From the time you moved from your old Caltanisseta to our city.

We shall stand up and applaud a real gentleman…a genuine laziale.

Gudio De Angelis

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