Mar 13

Few thoughts

It has been a quite week for us, Lazio fans, as the focus had shifted to some interesting Champions League matches.

There was little to write I think, perhaps until today, when some interesting news appeared about Lazio.

The first is regarding a deal that apparently Lotito signed with an italian firm INDESIT a commercial agreement, valid for next 6 years, estimated at 48 mil euros (8 euros per season).

The other news regards Matuzalem. There are reports that Lotito met his agent who expressed the willingness of his client to stay with Lazio for many years. Now Lazio has to find a final buying price for brasilian. The situation is not easy because Zaragosa already has a pending situation with Shaktar Donetks (Ukrainin team where Matuzalem played before moving to Zaragoza). The former teamĀ  took the spanish one to the court, claiming that the player had no right to use the Bosman clause. However, we can remain optimistic about this case.

The other case has to deal with Zarate. His brother arrived to Rome to meet Lazio officials regarding his permanent move from the Arab club. Just like Matuzalem, Zarate is likewise keen on remaining with Lazio and we can expect this deal to go through maximum by mid-April.

So much for the day, hope to post another one tomorrow, as a preview for Lazio – Chievo match.

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