Mar 08

A brilliant win against Napoli away

The so long awaited win at Napoli finally arrived.

Tomassi Rocchi ented in the second half for Zarate and stroke twice in 8 minute to bring valuable points to Lazio, in our quest for a UEFA Cup place.

The first half was an average football match, with both teams having some chances, but failed to turn them into goals. Lavezzi was very close to score, but a stunning Muslera saved our net. Delio Rossi started with Muslera, Lichtsteiner, Siviglia, Cribari, Kolarov; Brocchi, Ledesma, Matuzalem and Foggia in the middle and Pandev and Zarate up front. Rocchi, Mauri and De Silvestri entered for Zarate, Foggia and Matuzalem in the second half.

In the second half, Napoli entered more agressively, but it cost them the points, as they made some mistakes in defense, which were smartly used by Tommaso Rocchi.

I should mention that this one was Muslera`s best performance this season, as he made some incredible saves – 1 in the first half, and 3 in ths second. He is the real hero for our team this match. Now with these three points (and with Fiorentinas defeat at home), we are only 4 points from Genoa and roma, and 5 from a CL spot, Fiorentina. We have a favorable draw in the next few matches starting with Chievo at hom. Keep up the good work ragazzi. Photos and goals to follow.

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  1. BigMamaEagle

    Thanks. Great report as usual.

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