Mar 05

2 wins in a row and I don`t post again

I should be ashamed really. we win 2 in a row and you don`t hear from me for almost a week now.

First we beat Bologna at Olimpico and in some way we got a revenge as they beat us badly in the first leg. We won thanks to Zarate`s brace, when he again displayed some magic. This win was even more meaningful due to facts that Atalanta, Palermo lost at home, while Cagliari drew. We gaine some position as a result.

The second win came 2 nights ago against Juve, in the first semi final match (stupidly enough, second leg will be played on Aprill 22 in Torino). Juve was the better team in the first half and they managed to score through a Lazio fan, Marcchioni. On the second half, Lazio totally dominated and managed to score twice through Pandev and Rocchi. We could have scored more if it wasn`t for Juve`s second goalie Manninger, who once again made some brilliant saves against us.

We next play Napoli away, who are in a very poor form recently and who did not win in the last 5 matches at least. They beat us at home in the first leg through that stunning own-goal by Siviglia. It would be so nice to grab another 3 points and strengthen our quest for a UEFA Cup place. Also, that would serve to kick Napoli fuerher behind in the standings.

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  1. BigMamaEagle

    Hi Amir. It’s ok that you don’t post every day. But your posts are so good that when you don’t post, I miss them.

    I can’t help out, I’m afraid, because I cannot see the matches myself.

    Keep up the good work.

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