Feb 24

Lotito and Rossi – are they married !??

I had no intention to post anything today as I am very busy at work and also, have many other things to do.
However, what strikes me is the following: the stubbornness by team president Claudio Lotito in defending our coach Delio Rossi !
To me it became clear after 5-6 match days that Rossi is no longer a coach that Lazio needs. Our ambitions have increased, we have better players and Serie A competition has also increased. As a consequence, we should have thanked him for the years spent with us and wished him all the best.
Now what happens: even after this horrible run of form and results, not only Lotito failed to warn him, but what is more he consistently defends him even saying that “….Rossi is the future of Lazio”.
I don`t know what to say. I remain with hope that we enter the next season with a new coach. My favorites would be Donadoni and current Cagliari coach, who has transformed a relegation team to a UEFA Cup contender.

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  1. plotzki

    who knows amir… maybe you are a seer 😉 today i read that in “Il Sardegna” they bet on Massimiliano Allegri (cagliari) as a new lazio coach. I don’t know what to think about this. rossi made a lot of good work but i have to agree with you that his time has come. he has no vision for this team. he lost this fresh impact which he had at the begining of his work in lazio. he changes conception every week. he changes players (and it’s not a rotation like in mu, barca or l’pool), tactics, presumptions. with him we’ll remain a team fighting for uefa. in my opinion this team shoul have more ambition and lotito has to confirm this in action, not only in words about glorious lazio. we saw at the begining of the season that this team is eable to win and has a huge potential. so we need someone with idea how to take out this potential and how strengthen lazio (by players, conception of play, etc.). rossi has no idea how to make it.

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