Feb 21

Lecce – Lazio, a short preview

Like I mentioned in my  last post, I no longer know what to expect from this Lazio team.

In this new year 2009, everything seems to go wrong. We can no longer create nor score. Like the majority of you, dear Lazio fans, I am totally devestated. We expected much more this season, in comparison to the last one which was a flop.

I really hope we manage somehow to grab a win against Lecce, though it will be quite difficult.

With regards to the line ups, it appears as Ledesma will make it and I am eager to see him alongside a healthy Matuzalem in the middle of the park.

I will post another one tomorrow with the latest regarding probable line ups. Until then, be safe and try to remain optimistic.

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  1. Rossie

    A good win today! They need to work hard to keepo in the race for Europe because Cagliair don’t look like thay are willing to give up easily or Genoa or anyone else for that matter. Lazio need to get into at least the Intertoto Cup this year

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