Feb 28

Lazio – Bologna, match preview

Once again we play at the most hated and disliked hour for me. Saturday at 6 PM. We once again open the Serie A week.

When we lost to Bologna in the first leg, that was one fo the most unexpected defeats for me, especially with such a large margin. Let me remind you that we were 3-0 down before half an hour had past. Also, Bologna were bottom of the table and we served as a team to bouce back.

Today, we meet Bologna after our last week win against Lecce and that gives me a dose of optimism. Bologna has so many ex-Lazio players and they will be eager to show to our management and us fans that we were wrong to offload them.

With regards to our team that will face Bologna today, it will be the same as the team that beat Lecce last week. There were writing in the papers that Delio Rossi finally found the right balance in attack when he fielded Foggia – Zarate and Pandev. Also, the come back of Matuzalem and his partnership with Ledesma gives some optimism. At the end, I really hope we continue with another win.


Lazio (4-4-2): Muslera; Lichtsteiner, Siviglia, Cribari, Kolarov ; Brocchi, Ledesma, Matuzalem, Foggia ; Zarate, Pandev. Carrizo, Rozehnal, Radu, De Silvestri, Dabo, Mauri, Rocchi.A disposizione: Coach: Rossi

Bologna (4-5-1): Antonioli; Belleri, Britos, Terzi, Lanna ; Valiani , Mingazzini, Volpi, Mudingayi, Bombardini; Di Vaio. A disposizione: Colombo, Zenoni, Mutarelli, Coelho, Amoroso, Bernacci, Marazzina.
Coach: Mihajlovic

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