Feb 19

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Dear Lazio Fans and all readers of this blog.

First of all I would like to appologize for being abscent for far too much. I will explain what happened very shortly. I have been enrolled for a Master`s programme in a EU country. In order to go there, I needed a visa and also a favorable ticket, in terms of price. This, as well as my daily duties and family made me have very little time to write about anything.

On my way to that EU country, I had arranged to go and see at Stadio Olimpico Lazio – Milan. But guess what, my flight was canceled and I only reached in Rome at 22;30, when the match was over. I was planning to write a special article on that match, but it just wasn`t to be.

However, considering the recent misserable form of our team, I doubt I would have something to say even if I had the time. The way Lazio played (save for Fiorentina match) needed little words. Given the fact that I am too busy now with my job and studying and in order not to close this blog, I will soon make an announcement and call for contributors. But I will do that on a seperate post.

So, forgive me for not writing and hope to start writing again.

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  1. Miato

    Hi, Thanks for article. Everytime like to read you.

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