Monthly Archive: February 2009

Feb 28

Lazio – Bologna, match preview

Once again we play at the most hated and disliked hour for me. Saturday at 6 PM. We once again open the Serie A week. When we lost to Bologna in the first leg, that was one fo the most unexpected defeats for me, especially with such a large margin. Let me remind you that …

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Feb 24

Lotito and Rossi – are they married !??

I had no intention to post anything today as I am very busy at work and also, have many other things to do. However, what strikes me is the following: the stubbornness by team president Claudio Lotito in defending our coach Delio Rossi ! To me it became clear after 5-6 match days that Rossi …

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Feb 23

Finally 3 points

I did not manage to watch the match, like the majority of Lazio fans. However, I am glad to do that as long as we win. There was a funny live stream by a guy at At one point, he even showed his arse (hhahahaha). Never mind, since I did not watch the match …

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Feb 21

Lecce – Lazio, a short preview

Like I mentioned in my¬† last post, I no longer know what to expect from this Lazio team. In this new year 2009, everything seems to go wrong. We can no longer create nor score. Like the majority of you, dear Lazio fans, I am totally devestated. We expected much more this season, in comparison …

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Feb 19

Back to posting

Dear Lazio Fans and all readers of this blog. First of all I would like to appologize for being abscent for far too much. I will explain what happened very shortly. I have been enrolled for a Master`s programme in a EU country. In order to go there, I needed a visa and also a …

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