Jan 26

Post Lazio – Cagliari: do we have a defense ?

I have received messages requesting from me not to write about yesterday`s match we lost to Cagliari. And I am ready to comply with such a request, because there is little one can say about that awkward match.

First and foremost, I want the entire defense that started yesterday to sit on the bench for the next few games. Especially Carrizo, who appears to be over-confident, while his capabilities are certainly not Buffon`s or other goalies who play in the elite. While we were excited to see Diakite develop (and me supporting him publicaly via this blog), I am afraid I have to say that he is not what I was thinkg he might become. This guy is average defender at best. We were ready to forgive his fatal mistake against Inter and than against Reggina, but yesterday, it became clear that he is unable to defend low balls and guard smaller forwards. With regards to Rozenhal, he has also proven that he is not as consistent as one central defender needs to be. He either prefers to team with Cribari or Siviglia or something must be wrong with him. We need him to be more confident and stable. About Kolarov, he is the most brainles player to ever play for us. It is a pitty to see such a powerfull left foot and overall amazing body defend so poorly and generaly read the game so weak. I said it from the beginning that he is no Lazio material. If he was good, he would have played for Partizan Belgrade or Stella Rosa (like all Serbia footballers do) before making an international move to Serie A. About Lichsteiner, he has lost the initial pace and focus he had, which impressed all of us. He also needs more defensive lessons. When Delio Rossi decides to field a formation with 3 forwards + Mauri, than De Silvestri should play I think. He is better defensively.

Based on all that I`ve said, it became obvious I guess that we need to sign an authoritative central defender these days. Just bring in Ayala and team him up with Siviglia and oponents will get scared away.

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