Jan 22

Lazio – Torino, Coppa Italia QF

Tonight we play Torino for the third quarter final match of the Coppa Italia. Sampdoria beat Udinese 4-1 after penalties while Inter last night kick out rioma 2-1. The fourth match is between Napoli and Juve, to take place on 4 Feb.

Delio Rossi is most probably making some changes. Muslera, De Silvestri, Siviglia, Kolarov, Matuzalem, Foggia are expected to receive rare starts, while the liked of Ledesma, Pandev, Diakite, Rozenhal, Radu and Carrizo will most probably sit on the bench or not be called at all. First it was thought that Makinwa would start the match, but it appears he will be a Chievo player by tomorrow.

What else to say, it would be good to pass this round and than make a run at the Coppa title. It would be nice to have a piece of silverware after a long time has passed.

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