Jan 23

Lazio 3 – 1 Torino,


I usually don`t like to watch Coppa Italia matches, even when Lazio plays. However, last night I had decided to watch the match against Toro and I did not regret to say the least. I was surprised to see Ledesma, Rocchi, Zarate, starting as I expected them to rest. That meant that Delio Rossi took this match seriously, as he should.

The first half was what Lazio often displayed this season.  A pale dominance on the ball without making any serious chance to score. And of course, a small miss-calculation of Muslera in stretching caused the Toro goal, scored by their defender Natale.

And then in the second half, we see a totally different Lazio, fully determined to change the flow of the match. Pandev enters for injured Foggia (someone stepped on his hand) who scored after a fine pass delivered by Mauri. The latter than scores one of the best goals of the season. A strong left-footed shot from 20 meters. And again the usual Lazio: after the lead the players stop the pace. However, Torino could not score and when the match was coming to an end, Tommy Rocchi fired a shot from 17 meters which ends behind Calderoni`s back.

Man of the match: the much criticized Stefano Mauri. For the pass that lead to Pandev`s goal, for his own goal as well as for his involvement.


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