Jan 09

Lazio – 109 years of history

Another quick post, just to congratulate all Lazio fans on our 109-th birthday.

Lazio was born on this day, in 1900. Lazio has gone through so many things, its supporters through many pains and suffering, but also through a lot of joy and happiness.

I know Lazio is not a club with many trophies won in Serie A nor in European competition, but when you become a Lazio fan, that does not matter. I am proud to be Laziale and I am sure of all of you are. Happy Lazio`s 109th birthday and I hope this and the years to come will see better days for our beloved club. The following photo I am borrowing from my friends @ LazioFever.org

In case you did not know, Italian Lazio fans meet at Piazza dela Liberta in Rome at around midnight and have drinks to celebrate Lazio`s birthdays every year. For more on this subject, please visit think link.


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