Jan 20

Lazio 1 – 1 Juve, a fair draw

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You already know the result of the match and you must have seen the goals or highlights by this day. However, I want to provide a short match summary, from the point of view I saw this match.

We started at a great pace and put Juve in trouble. As the way the match was progressing, it was a matter of time when we would score. We attacked with no fear, even though Juve has proven to be a cunning side. The opening goal came from Ledesma, whose shot from the left side surprised Manninger and got in. It was such a lovely goal. After that, Juve managed to balance the game and equalize just some minutes after through Mellberg, who once again put our defense on set-pieces under a large question mark. Somehow, our players get confused when marking oposition players on such occasion. They should get nastier as in Italy, such is the fashion or the natyre of defendinig.

In the second half, Juve was the better side initially but as time went by, Lazio players managed to balance the game. Both teams had their chances to win the match, for Juve it was Legrotaglie who hit the post after a strong shot (Carrizo could do nothing honestly) and for us it was Zarate with a nice shot that went wide, and especially Pasquale Foggia who somehow missed from 2 meters. He later said that a penalty should have been awarded as he was pushed by a Juve defender.

As much as I dislike Juve, I think a draw was a fair result and Lazio showed some nice football against a sneaky adversary. What one can notice from big teams like Juve is that, who ever players in defense, they are really nasty and play strong. Such exampled should be followed, especially by our future star Diakite.

One can not but notice that Pandev had one of his weakest matches since his arrival to Lazio. Whatever happened to him will remain a mistery. He should have been taken out immediately after the second half began.

Next we play Torino (this Thursday) for Coppa Italia and than Cagliari. Both matches are @ Olimpico.

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