Dec 01

Misery continues: Atalanta 2 – 0 Lazio

It has become quiet difficult to say anything these days regarding Lazio matches. We continue our miserable form which results with either a defeat or, if lucky, a draw. What is more scary is that the team lacks the idea, and sometimes motivation. Also, the fact that Delio Rossi can`t pick a permanent first team is hurting, as Meghni, Mauri, Manfredini, Dabo have all been played in the middle, but to no aveil.

It is not that we totally sucked yesterday, but it is my belief that we should permanently have the initiative against the teams like Genoa and Atalanta, let alone Catania and Siena. That is because we have more quality, much more quality, in the first team and especially on the bench.

Against Atalanta, we conceded on the breaks. First after Rozenhal lost the ball in the middle, Atalanta broke fast and even though Carrizo made a terrific save, the ball reached an Atalanta player who kicked in. In it`s way to the net, the ball passed by at least 4 Lazio players, and at least one of them had the chance to stop it.

Next we face Milan for the last 16 of Coppa Italia. I wonder if this team has any spirit left.

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