Dec 24

Little time off

As the Serie A season has a usual break, this blog will most probably follow suit, because no Lazio activity, no blog posts.

However, since in the mean time mercato will begin, I doubt I can ignore the names that will most probably link to coming to Lazio and those going out.

It appears though as a midfielder is the most urgent need, given the fact that Matuzalem failed to remain healthy and has hardly played since his arrival.

Brazilian Elano is roumoured to be arriving, but who knows what may happen with Lotito on board.

Lazio players had yesterday the last training session before going on leave. Training will resume on January 2.

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  1. TSP

    Awesome blog. Can’t wait till you post again!

    Anyway, while you had some time off, I thought I’d propose an idea I had to you. Shoot me an email for more info.


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