Dec 19

Lazio – Palermo, preview

lazio1 vs.      palermo_1_1024x768

We have not won in the last 5 matches or so. I find it difficult to recall the last time we scored a goal and let the oposition team chase the result. I want to see exactly that happen against Palermo, tomorrow at Stadio Olimpico at 18;00 CET.

A win here would at least come down the heavy atmosphere that is prevailing recent weeks among players, the staff and of course the fans. Also, given the fact that after this match there will be the usual 3 weeks off in Serie A, it will encouragining to win and grad 3 points. We would strenthen the position to fight for a Uefa cup place next season and also make a bigger distance from the same Palermo who has only one point less than us.

As for the starting 11 is concerned, Siviglia is still out while Matuzalem`s come has been delaid again as he suffer a thigh injury during the week playing with Primavera. Others are available and Delio Rossi again faces old dilemmas, especially regarding attack. Diakite will once again start and I am really glad about it. Brocchi has suffer a small injury yesterday and he is under question mark. All in all, we may expect this formation;

Carrizo; Lichtsteiner, Diakite, Rozenhal, Kolarov; Dabo – Ledesma – Meghni, Mauri, Pandev and Zarate.

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