Dec 07

Lazio – Inter: 0-3, what next ?

Before I continue to write further, I would like to say to those who did not watch the game that Inter was the better team, but we did not deserve to lose with 3 goal difference.

The much anticipated match between Lazio and Inter ended in a way that only pleased Jose Mourinho. We were 1 goal down before we realized that the match had actually started. While Rozenhal and Diakite were keeping an eye on Ibrahimovic and Cruz, De Silvestri who was taking care of  for a moment lost Samuel who had no difficulty putting the ball into the net.

And the match was dead before it even really started. Inter is lucky to have players such are Cambiaso, Zanetti and Maicon (among others) who read the match so well and do not allow oponents to develop their games. The same happened last night. They were pressuring Ledesma, Foggia, Zarate keeping them away from goal and blocking their passes. It was bloody difficult to create anything, even a tiny chance.

And then, seconds before the half time, Diakite (who was great last night overall) scored an own-goal, a thing which could have been avoided with ease. Game over.

Second half was a routine match for Inter. Easy controll of the game and another goal through Ibrahimovic, who scored without trying much.

Failure to seriously challenge Inter last night proved once again that Lazio is in deep playing crisis. Creating chances has become difficult while we lack tall players to challenge from set-pieces or crosses. Here is my evaluation of players last night:

Carrizo-6: Can`t blame him for any of the goals.

De Silvestri-5: Lost Samuel who scored the opening goal. Otherwise a decent match from him.

Diakite-5: One of the best last night, but that own goal was devastating.

Rozenhal-6: Probably our best, considering he had to face a Ibra. The latter`s goal was offside.

Kolarov-5: He should use his brain more. Defender`s duty is to defend, and when given a chance to attack.

Dabo-Ledesma-Mauri- 5: They were never really into the match. Inter midfielders are far better then hours.

Foggia-5: Tried his best, but against such opponents, it is difficult to manage.

Pandev;no vote. Had to leave the match due to injury.

Zarate-6: He tried and faught, but it was difficult against such experienced defenders.

Rochi, Brocchi and Meghni had no impact on the match whatsoever.


  1. plotzki

    in my opinion we haven’t got any creative playmaker in midfield. we are playing with 3 DM and it’s not working properly. when lichtstainer or radu are absent our “tridente” with mauri (sic!) haven’t got any support. our couch should stop thinking that zarate and pandev will make goal situation without help from midfielders.
    today i saw news about elano. on Lalaziosiamonoi.it they wrote that lotito is interested in buying this player. it would be good move because when he played regulary last season in manchester city he hed impressive form. we need player like him. not another DM. ledesma, brocchi or dabo – won’t lead this team.

  2. Amir

    Something is going really wrong plotzki.
    Rossi is making strange calls in terms of players and tactical set-ups.
    Pandev and Zarate are playing far from the goal and it is also true that we lack quality midfielders.

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