Dec 09

In defense of Diakite

Most probably, Mobido Diakite does not need defending at all, but nevertheless, given him criticized a lot in Lazio forums about his own goal against Inter, I take this opportunity to take his side.

First of all, I rate Diakite very high, and from the first moment I saw him play, I though that this guy has everything needed to play for Lazio. He is tall, strong and fast, the majority of skills and features needed for a central defender. Of course, he still needs improvements in some areas but I doubt he`ll get them if he keeps being benched by Deli Rossi.

Instead of him being given the chance against other teams earlier during the season, Delio Rossi made it hard for him and played him against strongest teams such are Milan and Inter. And in my eyes he did pretty well. Against Milan, he was fantastic and praised by everyone, but against Inter, he was criticized way too much for that own goal.

Now we must agree that even if he did not score that own-goal, there was no way for us to grab a better result against Inter. They are a far better team than Lazio right now. Diakite kept an eye on Cruz earlier during the match and than Ibra. He did not delude at all. Diakite is the future of Lazio and such he should be treated. He should be given priority ahead of Cribari and Siviglia, as the former is not strong and fast enought, and the latter is getting older. He should play much more in the rest of the season that he did thus far. Only by playing he will mature and convince everyone that he is to be trusted in the future.

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