Dec 03

Coppa Italia: Milan – Lazio


Today at 20;45 CET we play the team we usually lose against. You can see their logo above and you`ll understand which team I`m talking about. A forumer said couple of days ago that even of Milan field a reserve team, they can beat us anytime.

Today`s match will prove one thing to me: has Delio Rossi managed to figure out why AC MIlan have no trouble beating us whenever they want. And with big margins that is. Delio Rossi must realize that his system with a trequartista does not work against them. The only way to beat Milan is to pack the midfield and press their playmaker in hasty ball delivery.

As for team news, it appears Muslera and Diakite will be given rare starts, while Rozenhal, Lichtsteiner and Kolarov are expected to play in defense as well. Dabo, Meghni and Ledesma will most likely play in the middle whil Pandev is the only certaintly up front: two from Mauri, Foggia, Zarate and Rocchi will have to accomodate themsevled on the bench. I think coach Rossi will make up is mind just before the kick off.

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