Dec 04

Amazing: we beat Milan away: 1-2

Last night, more then beating AC Milan I was pleasant that the match was like e Enlgish PL one. With total pace, running and chances here and there occasionally.

One can say that Milan did not field their first team, but having Kaka and Ronaldinho alone means you have 2 of best of world players in your team.

When Emerson received his red card, I though that we have this amazing chance to win it. But guess what, Schevchenko scores a terrific goal and I though, hey, we are playing Milan here and we are supposed to lose, not matter how many players they have in the field!!

Nevertheless, we managed to equalize after Favalli broguth down Pandev. Zarate stroke good and Dida did not even try to move. Then just after extra time began, we scored another goal through Pandev which proved to be the winning one.

The positive thing was that De Silvestri and Diakite were just awsome. This proved my point when I criticized Rossi for not giving them more time to play and prove. Also, Dabo should play more often alongside Ledesma while Pandev has gradually finding his best form.

Next we play the winner of Fiorentina – Torino. We will play at home this time and once again only one match will be played.

Lazio: Muslera, De Silvestri, Diakite, Rozenhal, Kolarov; Lichtsteiner; Ledesma, Dabo; Foggia, Rocchi, Pandev. Subs: Meghni, Rocchi and Mauri for Lichtsteiner, Zarate and Dabo

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  1. BigMamaEagle

    Forza Lazio!

    Thanks again for the reviews, Amir! It is greatly appreciated.

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